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JAS Biological

Vaccine technology

  • Establishing potential vaccine strain in cell culture or spf chick embryos
  • Cloning of cell substrates to increase viral titres
  • Establishment from embryonic organs of cloned cell lines/strains - cattle, sheep, horse, rabbit, pig etc.
  • Establishing virus purity and identity.
  • Attenuation of vaccine strain including classical mutagenisis.
  • Cloning of attenuated virus.
  • Extraneous agent testing as per EU Pharmacopia.
  • Providing stock of fully tested master virus seed.
  • Develop and optimize vaccine production methods, challenge models and potency tests.
  • Provide stocks of fully tested bulk antigen.
  • Candidate vaccine strains include important pathogens of cattle, sheep, poultry, dogs, cats, rabbits.

Virus diagnostic testing

  • Set up and validate titration methods
  • Neutralising antibody testing.
  • Virus isolation and Virus Identity testing
  • Establish in vitro assays including HA, HAI and ELISA.
  • Immunofluorescent antibody/antigen testing

Vaccine registration

  • Perform studies for EU and non EU registration.
  • Provide advice and support for study protocols for registration studies
  • Development of tests and SOP's
  • Consultation


  • Clean up virus and cell seeds from BVDV contamination
  • Develop persistently infected cell lines